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By contactus
January 10, 2012
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Acetaminophen changes

We hope that everyone is having a safe and happy New Year thus far.

 I wanted to highlight some changes in the formulation of acetaminophen that you will notice on the shelf in the pharmacies.  Tylenol brand has made a push to simplify all of their acetaminophen products by changing their Infant Tylenol drops to the same concentration as their Children’s Tylenol product.  Essentially, both the Infant Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol give 160 mg of acetaminophen in every 1 tsp.  (5ml) of medication. They are basically now the same product, just packaged in different size bottles.  This is in contrast to some of the other acetaminophen brands such as Pedia Care Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever, as well as the generic brands of acetaminophen.  In these brands, the Infant version still contains 80 mg of acetaminophen in 0.8ml of medication which is more concentrated than the Children’s preparations and the new Infant Tylenol.  We want you to be aware that the dosing for these products is not equal!  If you have any questions about what dose of acetaminophen is appropriate for your child, please feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our nurses who can assist you.  It will be very helpful to them if you have the version of acetaminophen that you have on hand with you at the time you make the call.  That allows us to give you accurate information regarding the correct dosage.  If you are unable to call, please note that there is a dosing chart for acetaminophen available on our website under patient resources.  It gives the dosing for all ages and preparations. 

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